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Gamma Brain Waves

(38 - 42 Hz)

Types of Brain Waves

Training gamma frequencies can lead to gains in memory, language, and learning ability.

During a gamma wave state, neurons in the brain fire at the same time and occur when an individual pays attention to the most relevant information in the environment (e.g. individual pays attention to person talking and ignores background music). Gamma wave activity appears to come into play when the brain must complete information-rich tasks or process information simultaneously. 

While good memory is associated with efficient 40 Hz activity, a deficiency may indicate learning disabilities. Training gamma frequencies can lead to gains in memory, language, and learning ability. 

Experienced meditators exhibit gamma brainwave activity between 38-42 Hz, or, the typical range for gamma activity. Through focus on compassion and love, we are able to increase these brainwaves in a controlled manner. In research, those who are experienced meditators show similar brain activity to beginning meditators, but those who are experienced show neuronal activity that indicates neurons are firing at the same time in a rhythmic pattern. 

Gamma waves are the fastest brainwaves, normally functioning around 38-42 Hz. They are also the only frequency found in every part of the brain. Although more research needs to be done on gamma wave activity, these waves are associated with high information processing, high short-term memory ability, and freedom from distractibility (or intense focus). Studies also suggest that gamma brainwaves contribute to cognitive control of emotion.

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