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Jeffery Kindgren

Neurofeedback Provider

Illinois Certified Educator K-9th Grade

Owner/Director of Operations





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I have worked in the manufacturing field for 13 years as a Quality Engineer (QE). As a QE, I became proficient in multitasking and being detail oriented. I use these skills often in my numerous roles at Behavioral Medicine P.C. As Director of Operations, I am responsible for all processes and procedures that keep our office running. I also offer Neurofeedback for all ages and tutoring for Kindergarten through 6th grade students. 



Neurofeedback is an innovative treatment that uses your brain waves to teach your brain how to function more efficiently. Through using games, video, and music, we can help you improve overall functioning and/or emotional wellbeing. Your brain training will be based on what type of improvement you would like to see, and neurofeedback can help reduce symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and memory loss, among many others.


K-6 Tutoring

I most enjoy when I am sitting with a child or children while helping them to learn a new concept or to better understand a concept previously learned.



I returned to school later in life to pursue a career in education. After working full time and going to school full time for 4 years, I graduated with honors from the University of Phoenix, receiving my Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education. I am an Illinois Certified Kindergarten through 9th Grade educator. 


I greatly look forward to working with you, and thank you for considering me while looking for a Neurofeedback provider or K-6 tutor. Please feel free to contact the office at 815-397-2224 with any questions or to schedule an appointment. 

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