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How to administer cognitive testing

  • Print the “Cognitive Performance Test Tracker”

    •   Put client’s name on the top​

    •   Put current date on the top

  • Testing usually consists of 2 appointments

    •   Complete the first 5 assessments on the first appointment​

    •   Complete the last 6 assessments on the second appointment. 

  • Have the “Cognitive Performance Test Tracker” in the office with the client for both testing appointments.  Have them check off the assessments as they complete them.

  • Use “BMPC003” Computer

  • Start computer

  • Open Chrome Browser

  • Navigate to

  • Enter Client Login Information.  This is the login information in the clients file.

    •   User Name = First Initial of First Name, Last Name, and 4 Digit Number​

    •   Password = 4 Digit Number

    •   Example = jkindgren0048

  • Click on Cognitive Tab – This displays all of the testing the client will take.

  • Explain to the Client:

    •   Click on the overview to get an explanation of what the test is.​

    •   Click on Practice to take a brief practice test

    •   Click on Start Test to complete the assessment

    •   After first assessment, move on to next assessment and repeat steps above.​

  • On first appointment, tell client to come to front window to verify their next testing appointment after they finish the 5th assessment.

  • On second appointment, have client come to front window to verify their next counseling or neurofeedback appointment.

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