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Answering the Phone and Answering Questions about our Hypnosis Services

  • When answering the phone for any call, use the following greeting.  "Good (morning/afternoon/evening)!  Behavioral Medicine, PC, This is (insert name).  How can i help you?"

  • When answering questions about our hypnosis services, reference office materials for explanations of services or treatment plans (pamphlets, quick reference drawer, website, promo materials). If you do NOT know the answer, ask the individual if you could put them on hold while you ask a co-worker for help.

  • Hypnosis - The clinician provides hypnosis for a variety of emotional and medical issues. Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness involving the use of positive suggestion to elicit desirable changes in behavior. Hypnosis has been successfully used for numerous years to treat emotional issues such as addictions, phobias, anxiety and depression as well as medical conditions such as chronic pain, reduction of blood sugars, blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, eczema and many others.

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