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Answering the Phone and Answering Questions about our Cognitive Retraining Services

  • When answering the phone for any call, use the following greeting.  "Good (morning/afternoon/evening)!  Behavioral Medicine, PC, This is (insert name).  How can i help you?"

  • When answering questions about our cognitive retraining services, reference office materials for explanations of services or treatment plans (pamphlets, quick reference drawer, website, promo materials). If you do NOT know the answer, ask the individual if you could put them on hold while you ask a co-worker for help.

  • Cognitive Retraining - This service is most often provided following neurological impairment. It can be used to improve thinking skills in individuals with a traumatic brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain tumor and other neurological conditions. It is also used to improve attention and impulse control in individuals with ADHD. Cognitive Retraining can be defined as a treatment that uses specialized exercises to aid an individual in improving their memory, attention, problem solving and/or organizational skills.  We use a combination of techniques addressing issues such as anxiety and frustration during the exercises and offer ways to maximize function in each individual. Our clinicians have years of experience in treating individuals and supporting families struggling with loss or decline in thinking skills. Patients report functional improvement as a result of using these techniques. Clinical studies continue to validate the benefit of this service.

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