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Knowledge of Crisis Procedure

  • When patient calls and is in crisis, ask the patient if they have any plans of hurting themselves.

  • Assess whether in immediate danger

    • Ask if they have a plan to hurt themselves    ​

      • If yes, ask if they intend to follow through with this plan.​

        • If yes, proceed with Immediate Danger step​

        • If no, proceed with Not in Immediate Danger step

      • If no, proceed with Not in Immediate Danger step

        • Give them the crisis information, notify their therapist, and document call​

  • In Immediate Danger

    • If yes, tell them that you are here to help and you are glad that they called. Ask them where they are at right now.​

    • Make sure you have their address/location. If they won’t give you their location, look in their chart for their address and emergency contact. Ask if anyone is with them and if yes, ask if you can speak to them.

    • If the treating therapist is in the office, keep the patient on the line while you get the therapist. Use the cordless phone and talk with them while you get the therapist.

    • Call 911 (If possible, keep them on the phone while you call 911 or get another staff member to call 911. Use conference call if possible.)

      • When calling 911 say, “Hello, I’m _______ from Behavioral Medicine P.C. I have ________ on the phone here and they have told me they have a plan and intent to harm themself.”​

      • Provide them with the patients location and other needed information as necessary

      • Make sure to give them information about statements made that led you to believe they may harm themself

    • Stay on the line with the patient until emergency services have arrived

    • Notify their therapist and document call

  • Not in Immediate Danger

    • Give the patient the Swedish American Crisis Hotline #815.966.CARE (2273). Let them know they can call that number at any time.​

    • Also provide National Suicide Prevention # 1.800.273.TALK (8255)

    • Notify therapist of call and actions taken.

    • Document call

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