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Deposition Request Procedure

  • Create Admin Note for deposition request and note ANY and ALL follow up for this request. Date and initial each note.

  • Notify CK that a deposition has been requested. Pull chart and put in “Show to CK” folder.

  • Discuss with CK to determine number of hours to quote for record review and deposition.

  • Call requestor to inform them of quote for services including records review, equipment set-up, and deposition. Inform them that ANY required time must be requested and reserved prior to meeting. No over-time will be allowed.

  • Once confirmed that they would like to move forward with scheduling a time for the deposition, speak with provider being deposed to identify three days of availability.

  • Call and offer availability and provide a deadline for the date we would like the payment received by.

  • Block out dates of availability offered in Office Ally. Highlight in BLUE.

  • Once a date is confirmed for the deposition, re-confirm all details for the day of the meeting.

    • Payment/Charge (hourly rate X sum of hours required for set-up, tear down, records review, and deposition)​

    • Time and location of meeting

    • Time reserved for set-up and deposition

  • Verify that payment has been received prior to deposition.

  • After deposition, scan Admin Note and all attached paperwork into patient’s electronic file into a file labeled “Deposition [date of deposition].” If file does not exist, create it.

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