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Knowledge of how to put Promo Folders together

  • Get a folder

  • ​Print label sticker located in Z drive​

    • Administrative Assistant/Promo Folder/Compiled!/Folder Cover​

  • Put sticker on folder carefully

  • Put business cards of Cyndi on the left inside pocket

  • Put business cards of Tara on right inside pocket

  • All papers to print for promo folder are located on Z drive

    • Administrative Assistant/Promo Folder/Compiled!​

  • In the left pocket put the following printouts in the following order (front to back

    • Left Pocket​

      • Rack Card of Conditions Treated​

      • Rack Card of Neurofeedback

      • Neurofeedback Process

      • Neurofeedback Frequently Asked Questions

      • Bio of Cyndi

      • Bio of Tara

      • Bio of Christy

      • Client Testimonials

      • Map to our office

    • Right Pocket

      • Rack Card for Cyndi​

      • Rack Card for Tara

      • Rack Card for Christy

      • Description of Services​

      • Neurofeedback Research

  • Verify with Cynthia - There may be a letter she would like typed specifically for the person the promo folder is going to be given

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