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Answering the Phone and Answering Questions about our Neurofeedback Services

  • When answering the phone for any call, use the following greeting.  "Good (morning/afternoon/evening)!  Behavioral Medicine, PC, This is (insert name).  How can i help you?"

  • When answering questions about our neurofeedback services, reference office materials for explanations of services or treatment plans (pamphlets, quick reference drawer, website, promo materials). If you do NOT know the answer, ask the individual if you could put them on hold while you ask a co-worker for help.

  • Neurofeedback - Neurofeedback is an innovative treatment using a patient's brain waves shown on a screen in real time.  The brain training program allows the individual to increase or decrease activity in specific areas of the brain using games, videos, and music to improve functioning and/or emotional wellbeing.

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