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Know how to administer the daily progress tracker

  • Client will fill out this inventory on the Amazon fire Tablet or the Apple Ipad in the waiting room.

  • Open up the silk browser (Fire) or Safari browser (Ipad) and navigate to

  •  Enter Client Login Information.  This is the login information in the clients file.

    •   User Name = First Initial of First Name, Last Name, and 4 Digit Number​

    •   Password = 4 Digit Number

    •   Example

      • User Name: jkindgren0048​

      • Password: 0048

  • Click on Progress Tracking tab

  • Click on Continue Tracker (next to most recent create date)

  • Give the Fire or Ipad to the client and explain the following:

    •   Please read the rating scale at the top and fill this out.​

    •   Click Save when finished and bring pad back to front desk

  • If need be when pad comes back click OK

  • Click log out in top right corner of screen

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