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Knowledge of how to make an Additional Chart for an Existing Patient

  • Label a new folder with the patient’s last and first name. Then make a label noting the number of the chart.

    • ​Example:  “Kindgren, Jeff” 

    • Example:  "Chart II of II"

  • Remove the "C" from the previous chart and put a "C" label on the new chart indicating that it is the new "Current" chart

  • Transfer the following documents from the previous chart to the new chart:

    • Initial evaluation (if present)​

    • Most recent 5 progress notes

    • Most recent Neurofeedback report (if present)

    • Latest release of information

  • Place the initial evaluation, progress notes, and NFB report on the LEFT side of the chart, and the release of information on the RIGHT side of the chart

  • Leave previous chart in filing cabinet.  It will eventually be brought to the storage unit and then shredded in 7 years.

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