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Knowledge of how to wash Cap and Ear Electrodes

  • Remove foam pads from cap and discard foam pads.

  • Rinse cap in soapy water and spray out each electrode for 3 seconds to remove gel

  • *DO NOT allow black end rainbow connector to get wet

  • Spray out the ear clip metal cups and wash with soapy water

    • Make every attempt to not get the connection ends of ear clips  to get wet​

  • Take 4 paper towels and fold them on top of each other and lay on counter

  • Lay cap on paper towels and roll it up.  Squeeze gently to remove as much water from the cap and you can.

  • Blow out the ear connections on the cap to get the excess water out of them

  • Bring items back up front

  • Place cap on stand to dry infront of the fan

    • Roll up rainbow cord and rubber band it​

  • Lay ear clips on on table by cap

  • Once all items are dry

    • Roll up cap and put in bag and place back in cap bucket​

    • Put ear clips back in bag and place back in accessory bucket

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