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Know how to set up cognitive testing

  • Navigate to

  • Login:

    •   User ID: jkindgren​

    •   Password: hopelee1

  • Click Login

  • Click on My Clients

  • Click on the client you are setting up for testing

  • Click on the Client Login tab

  • Enter Login Information

    •   Click Edit under Login Information​

    •   Client Login: first initial of first name, last name, then 4 digits of client number.  (Example Name is Jeff Kindgren, client number is kindgren0045.  The Client Login will be jkindgren0045)

    •   Password: 4 digits of client number (example 0045)

    •   Re-Enter Password

    •   Click Save

  • Select Access Information

    •   Click Edit under Access Information​

    •  Make sure both “ Can Complete Questionnaires” and “Can Complete Physiology/Metabolics” are selected.  These are the only two that should be selected.

    •   Click Save

  • Click on “Cognitive” Tab

    •   Click on “Select Cognitive Tests to Perform”​

    •   Click the check box next to “Select All”

    •   Click Save

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