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Outgoing Records Request Procedure

  • Create Records Request letter

    • (BMPC Files > Administrative Assistant > Office Documents > Request Form)​

  • Create Fax Cover Sheet

    • (BMPC Files > Administrative Assistant > Office Documents > Fax Cover Sheets)​

  • Fax the following documents to the appropriate office: Fax cover sheet, records request form, and a copy of patient's release of information

  • Place paper clipped fax and transmission sheet (transmission sheet will print once fax is completed) in Outgoing Records Request Folder with Admin Note attached to the front

  • Note any and all follow up on Admin Note

  • Call to verify that fax was received (Document on Admin Note)

  • Once verified, call weekly for status update (Document on Admin Note)

  • Once records are received, document Admin Note that records were received, and scan paperwork into patient's electronic file into folder labeled “Records Requests.” If folder does not exist, create it.

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