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Know how to print QEEG comparison report

  • Navigate to

  • Login:

    •   User ID: jkindgren​

    •   Password: hopelee1

  • Click Login

  • Click “My Clients”

  • Click on the client you will be reviewing

  • Click on the Brain Maps tab

  • Click on Brain Map Compare Tool

  • Maximize the browser window that opens by clicking on the little square in the upper right corner

  • Check mark the two QEEG Brain Maps you wish to compare

  • Click Compare Eyes Closed

  • Once comparison opens, click on Download Report

  • Once downloaded, double click file on bar on bottom of screen to open the pdf file

    •   Print pdf file (make sure it prints in color)​

    •   Close pdf file

  • Open the Cover Page for Brain Map Compare Report file that is located in the Neurofeedback folder on Z drive

    •   Insert Patient Name​

    •   Insert Patient DOB

    •   Insert Patient DOS (Date of QEEG)

    •   Type Eyes Open or Eyes Closed depending on which report you printed

    •   Print file

    •   Close file without saving

  • Replace generic cover page from pdf file with the printed Cover Page for Brain Map Compare Report file.

  • Paperclip the report together

  • Repeat process for eyes open or eyes closed (whichever comparison you have not done yet

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