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Updating Facebook

  • Use approved content from Cyndi

  • Facebook Post

    • Go to Facebook and login with Cynthia’s credentials​

      • Once logged in, click on small drop-down arrow in top right corner of page​

      • In the drop-down menu, click “Behavioral Medicine PC”

      • Once on the BMPC page, click in the box in the middle column of the page that says “Write Something”

      • Write post as desired

      • Once Post is written, click “Post”

  • Facebook Post with Website Link

    • Follow directions on Facebook post until post is written​

    • Once post is written, past the desired URL beneath paragraph of text as pictured below.

    • Facebook will automatically use the URL and create a URL link with a picture

    • Delete the pasted URL, as this helps the post appear cleaner.  The Facebook generated link will not disapear.

    • To change the picture included with a post:

      • Click on the box with the plus sign (picutred below)​

      • Attach pictures as desired

      • If you want to delet a picture, hover the mouse over the picture and click the small X in the top right corner

    • Once post is written and URL and pictures are attached as desired, click “Post"

  • DO NOT click ‘Boost Post’ without approval. This comes with an additional charge


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