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To Enter Appointments into Practice Mate

  • Click once on the grey calendar in the time slot desired.

  • When the “ADD APPOINTMENT” window appears, search for the patient’s name by entering their last name

  • When the patient’s name appears, click on it.

  • The fields will auto-fill with the patient’s information. Check to make sure that the correct PROVIDER is listed for this appointment.

  • Change the color of the appointment window according to the type of appointment you are scheduling

    • BLUE – unconfirmed​

    • YELLOW – Psychotherapy

    • PINK – Neurofeedback

    • GREEN – cancelled appointment

    • ORANGE – rescheduled appointment

  • In the “NOTES” field, take note of the person you confirmed the appointment with, the date and your initials, along with any other brief notices regarding the appointment

  • Check over the “ADD APPOINTMENT” window one last time for accuracy, then click the update button

  • Once in the Practice Mate schedule, double check to make sure the appointment window appears under the correct provider and time slot

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